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Results week!

Freedom, at last! I received my results this week and was pleased to get an A4 for my philosophy essay... and an A5 in art! In all honesty, I was a little surprised with the latter, as I thought the smaller amount of work I produced this semester would negatively impact my grade. But I ended up doing better than in first semester!

The same day, I learned that one of my paintings had been selected for the New English Art Club 2021 Exhibition. This was my first time entering my work into anything, so I was rather pleased when it got selected! I have been to the Mall Galleries once before and thoroughly enjoyed all the figurative work that was present.

Since the semester ended, work has been a little slow but steady too! I also started volunteering at a charity shop last week, which will help me stay focused and have a steady rhythm to my week. It’s also been lots of fun so far!

I started a series of studies of paintings I liked. I started with some Turner, of course, but I would like to do some more pieces to hang up around my room. Here are the firsts two I started - bear in mind they are still in pretty early stages!

So far, I have found the exercise very helpful in improving my colour mixing. It’s also been great to think about how the artist might have made the painting - to think about what underpainting was used, for example.

I have also been trying to more quick studies of my flat mates and Jaeden, to keep my drawing practice going. Here’s one of Jaeden and Maddie playing video games and another of eleanor - as well as a drawing of some trees I quite like.

In order to keep working, I think it’s best for me to work in series. Mark recommended this to me too during our meeting, so I started to come up with a few ideas:

  • Painting studies (as I mentioned)

  • River Tay

  • Window

  • Jaeden

  • Architecture

    • study of buildings

    • cityscapes

  • Self portraits

  • Miniature worlds

I don’t want to limit myself to the list of series, which will probably expand, but it’s a good thing to fall back on when I’m not feeling too inspired (which I have been feeling quite a lot lately).


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