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Methodically painting a snowstorm

Updated: Apr 20, 2021

I spent most of this week working on my snowstorm painting.

Once I was freed from my masking tape hell hole, I moved onto using masking fluid for the snowfall. It was a bit hard to wrap my head around, but my process would be the following:

  • Splatter masking fluid all over the page

  • Paint over the unmasked section on the top half with burnt umber and ultramarine blue, using more blue as I went further into the distance to convey atmospheric depth

  • Remove the masking tape and splatter more masking fluid so that the houses would also be obscured by snowfall

  • Proceed to the rest of the painting

This how the painting looked once I removed the masking tape. I decided to eventually blend the houses into the rest of the painting but I also really like how crisp it looked at this point. In the future, I’d like to try playing with similar textures in other paintings.

I proceeded to blend the houses in the background to create depth and started to add details to the foreground.

Annoyingly, I didn’t document the rest of the painting enough, but to sum up the rest of my work:

  • I added in more details to the foreground

  • I used an abstract blooming effect for the tree on the right

  • I slashed watercolour in the corners to create a vignette effect

  • I removed the masking fluid and splattered some white ink on top

Now, I just need to go back in with various materials to adjust the tones of the painting. I primarily want to focus on lighting up some of the houses again (by dabbing with a tissue, using masking fluid and maybe sandpaper).


The Genius of Turner: Painting the Industrial Revolution, dir. by Clare Beavan (Fresh One Productions, 2013).


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