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Discoveries from the local skip

Updated: May 3, 2021

Last night, I discovered a goldmine. On my way to Jaeden’s (who’s part of our extended household as he lives alone blah blah blah), I noticed a skip full to the brim of scraps from a kitchen. At the time I took little notice of it (amateur’s mistake, I know), but later that night I remembered I had been wanting to get a glass palette for oils and acrylics. So after working for a wee bit in his flat, I headed out with Jaeden to pick up the glass that had originally caught my eye.

To my surprise, the edges of the glass slabs were actually rounded (probably originally having worked as shelves), making them perfect for handling as a palette. There were also five of them, so I gave one to my flatmate as she has been using pizza boxes as a palette since we’ve known each other. By the next morning, the skip had been emptied, so we were lucky to have made it.

Other than the palettes, I picked up some wooden boards and cups. But most importantly, I found the following kitchen door.

I have had a little think about it, and so far I am thinking of painting the view from our window on the back of it in oils. The outer rectangles are slightly textured, so it will make the center look like it’s more in focus than the rest. I was also thinking of adding a patch of land in the foreground, so it looks like the view is from a hill rather than a building. I think this could add some interesting depth to the piece.

It might also be interesting to paint the front glass as well, so as to make us of the transparency and do some layering. I will probably varnish it in the end, so that will add another layer of transparency.


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