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What mood am I trying to convey?

Updated: Apr 17, 2021

This week felt a bit more mellow than the last. In line with my theme, I have been drawing my flat mates and some landscapes. Here’s one of my flat mates Corey and Eleanor having a chat and another I did while on a walk.

During my talk with Eddie, he asked me an interesting question: what mood am I trying to convey in my paintings. As he pointed out, my painting of the Tay is a lovely piece, but the bridge makes it a bit of a cliche - which takes away from the feeling of detachment I am trying to convey. That isn’t to say that I can’t play with iconic imagery, but I just need to be more aware of why I am choosing to represent that. This week, I would like to do some research into how other artists, in painting as well as cinema and photography, have conveyed a sense of detachment, anguish, claustrophobia, wonder... I will compile examples that illustrate these various moods and analyse what makes them effective.

While on the same walk, I also took some close up pictures of rocks, plants and ice that turned out to look eerily similar to landscapes. I definitely want to use these for something, I like how the only thing that betrays them a lot of the time is the size of the grass. Maybe I could tinker around on Photoshop to incorporate figures into them?


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