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30th November - 6th December

Updated: Dec 13, 2020

When I chatted with Mark last week, I got reminded of the importance of maintaining a regular painting practice. Of course this is something I've always been aware of, but I feel like it had gotten lost in the last few weeks. I was putting too much pressure on coming up with novel ideas (in a time when I quite frankly find it extremely difficult) rather than just working. As such, I started working on a painting as soon as I could.

I took this reference picture a few weeks ago when Dundee was taken over by fog. Just like when I first witnessed it last year, I was taken aback by it, as such weather conditions never occurred back home. I find the way it creates a natural soft focus effect absolutely gorgeous, and it reminded me of how the world can feel when I dissociate heavily. This is something that tends to come back in most of my paintings, since it is how I experience the world most of the time.

I also wanted to include some figures, so I photoshopped another picture I had taken that day onto it. But when I used the auto select tool, the effect that was created was that of ghosts. I feel like it suits the mood very well.


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